An Orphan No More- Home Where He Belongs

An Orphan No More-  Home Where He Belongs
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The Snyders minus 1

The Snyders minus 1

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Going to the US Embassy

Jim got up about 5:30 am to deal with some flight concerns we have for tomorrow. There are still some oustanding issues with being on the same flight as Christian. (picky, picky), Jim needed to talk to a few people back in Indianapolis regarding this problem and that was the preferred time. We'd appreciate your continued prayers as it relates to our flights.

I believe Christian has realized that his eyes are bigger than his stomach. He still ate almost an entire omelette this morning, as well as a few more things. But nothing like yesterday!!

We tried to purchase a few souveniers this morning at a monastery that Jim and Kevin visited on the last trip. Moscow is so expensive and this monastery sold items Jim liked for 10% of the price in downtown Moscow. Our friend, Sasha, lent us his driver again for this excursion but the traffic was so bad that we had to turn around without reaching our destination. We were too concerned that we would be late for our appointment at the embassy. So, we aren't returning with too many souveniers ..but we have a great little boy so that is better than any old trinket! On another sweet note, our driver stopped and bought me flowers from someone on the street. Isn't that nice!

The US Embassy was a bit frightening- going through security with all the Russian police...just a bit intimidating. We were there for about an hour. The great part was being in the waiting room with about 20 other families who were adopting their children. It was fun to look around and see all the kids that are no longer orphans. They have families! Hallelujah! It was interesting to swap adoption stories and to see first hand the lives being changed.... beautiful. One particularly friendly couple was tthere for their 4th Russian adoption in about 8 years- all the kids were from different regions in Russia- wow! I can't imagine going through this process that many times. But they were so easy going, happy...quite the veterans. They spoke highly of the church support they experienced at home.

After that, we went outside and met with a secondary adoption agency that had rights in the region. That will be a story for off line discussion.

Christian then took a nap while I talked to the single mom in the process of adopting. Meanwhile, Jim hit more roadblocks trying to be souvenier/gifts- just too expensive here.

Now, Christian is helping us pack before his shower and bottle. We are packing up for the last time!!!!!!

We can't wait to come home, bond as a family, and just stay!!!!! We are due to fly in about 6:45 pm. We are so ready to see our children and introduce them to their little brother.

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  1. Hi Kids,
    I am assuming that means all is well--flight wise. But we will keep you all lifted to the throne of grace.

    Keep in mind that Irina could pick up anything you want in the way of momentous the next time she goes to the Ukraine.

    We are waiting with open arms. Hallelujah!!