An Orphan No More- Home Where He Belongs

An Orphan No More-  Home Where He Belongs
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The Snyders minus 1

The Snyders minus 1

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Better than I Ever Expected- Just like God

It has been so long since I have written. We have been busy adjusting to life with 6 kids and just recovering from all the traveling and plans to travel...We are a busy little family ...sometimes I get a wee bit tired. :)

I think another reason that I haven't posted is that there is soo much to say. Wow! I have so many thoughts running through my head ... I don't know where to start ... I know that I will never do God justice!

But I will just start and do my best. Christian David is fabulous! Oh, I love that boy!!! It has been amazing to see the transformation in his eyes, his demeanor, his smile...Those sad little puppy dog eyes are full of sparkle, light, joy... and a mischievious twinkle. He is all boy- rough and tumble and exploring and testing and learning and growing and enjoying and laughing and climbing and running..... Did I make my point? He is alive and enjoying life and embracing it for all it is worth! When I go to get him each morning, he jumps up, runs to the edge of the crib and starts jumping up and down with his arms outstretched. What a great greeting for mom!

Can I tell you how crazy fun it is with he and Bella together? So cute and so busy! They have worked through some of their issues with sharing mom. They still vie for my lap but Christian David loves his other siblings too. He and Caleb, in particular, have a very special connection. The latest point of contention with the youngest is that Bella loves to kiss Christian David on the cheek. The boy wants nothing to do with that and highly values his personal space. :) But it was precious today when she got hurt and he went and gave her a hug and patted her back.

Christian David seems to have truly bonded well, tries to do most everything (quite adventurous) and is quite the parrot verbally. His verbal skills are amazing-he has surpassed the other Snyder kids at this age. Quite ironic!

I love to watch him experience daily life. I love to ask him if he wants to go outside (that little head just starts nodding). I love to give him good wholesome food (it is fun to watch him eat ice cream also). I love to watch him giggle on the swing and smile as all the siblings clamor to give him a hug when he wakes up. I can't help but want to burst with joy for him- at how his life has changed. To watch participate in that transformation...what a privilege! The joy fills my heart and starts pouring out my eyes.

After the first difficult trip to Russia, I remember Jim and I feeling somewhat paralyzed. We both looked at each other, dumbfounded. We kept murmuring , "No, sorry. We can't do it. There is no way. We cannot do this 3 more times. We can't leave our 5 kids, find a place for our kids and dog, travel to this freezing, somewhat terrifying and uncomfortable place, pay these exorbinant fees... sorry- can't do this 3 more times!!!!!!!!!!"

But with God's help, we just kept going... only with His help did we continue to walk in faith..not fearless... but we walked... despite our fear.


Grateful.........Blessed....So glad we didn't miss glad we didn't miss him

Lest I give a false impression. We are still battling uphill as a work in progress. Our little guy has some medical issues that we are working through (he'll be fine). And Christian David is a delightful handful. He is a busy 2 year old boy and all that comes with it.

Moreover, I firmly believe that when you take a stand to step out in faith and give The Lord the glory... a spiritual battle begins. When I get discouraged and frustrated with the demands on my time and energy, I have to remind myself of this battle. The Lord tells us not to look at our circumstances or we will definitely feel overwhelmed. Instead we are to look at Him and at His capabilities- He is more than able.

Thank your for sharing in our journey with Christian David. It's not over and I look forward to sharing more of it with you. Thank you for your support, your prayers, your encouragement and your love. Please celebrate with us the joyful homecoming of our son.

My prayer is that you are encouraged. If The Lord is challenging you to step out in faith in some way- He is trustworthy. He is Wise. He is loving. He can fill in the gaps. The result will be greater that you ever imagined!

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