An Orphan No More- Home Where He Belongs

An Orphan No More-  Home Where He Belongs
Christian David Snyder!!!!!!!!

The Snyders minus 1

The Snyders minus 1

Friday, June 25, 2010

It Happens so Fast

I have had a very precious week with my two youngest this week, as the older 4 attended day camp at a local church. Hence, I had a rare opportunity to do little kid things- sprinker park, the Children's Museum, extra time with mom pushing the kids on the swing, etc. This has been wonderful time to connect with my Bella and Christian David.

Taking Christian David to the Children's Museum for the first time and seeing him light up on the eyes filled with tears as I thought of what could have been and what still remains for so many other orphans. I thought of those same walls... day after day... that same routine. No where to go.... no one to come see you.... no momma... no family.... no knowledge of a Savior...

You should have seen my smile as Bella took her brother's hand to introduce him to his play choices at should have seen my smile as his face lit up when the carousel music started... you should have seen my smile when he asked if we could ride the horse again and momma said, "oh yes!"... you should have seen my smile as I later opened the lunch box to give them thier lunches in the car in an effort to keep them awake before we got home for naps (ahhhh... memories of days with Caleb and Alecia) should have seen my smile as Jim and I took the kids to the Y and we took turns with each child as they jumped into our arms.

Good stuff... great blessed are we?

And today, today ... today we dropped off the older 4 and then went back to the adoption agency. Not to turn in more paperwork and to write a check. We went back to say "Thank you!" Bella and Christian each held a bouquet of flowers as walked in the door to express our appreciation to the people who helped us find our son. So I introduced my sweeties to Heather and Inna and Steve. We gave flowers, a framed pic of Christian David, showed a pic of all 6 of the kids and all eight of us, took a picture of Christian David with these precious people and then we told stories and gave hugs!

Now, the little kids are sleeping and I am sorting adoption paperwork. I cry......

Oh the obstacles, the hurdles, the documents, the errands, the money, the hoops we jumped through... the growing we did. We grew as afamily and as individuals. We were blessed with family and friends that stood in the gap for us in amazing ways..

I came across a note someone shared with me. It was a small child's writing in marker that said, "I pray that the Snyder's little boy is safe." I also came across a preicosu song that Alecia wrote for her brother evern prior to receiving our referral. It is called "Our Little Sunshine". Then I found a picture of my crazy family, all dressed in tights , waiting at the airport for us (Because Christian always had tights on)

All this made me feel so many emotions...gratitude, joy,!

Great stuff!

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