An Orphan No More- Home Where He Belongs

An Orphan No More-  Home Where He Belongs
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The Snyders minus 1

The Snyders minus 1

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Year Ago Today

A year ago today, I met my son. Wow! Jim and I were talking this weekend about that day in the orphanage. We were standing in the middle of this old, dingy, dark room that smelled like stewed fruit. Nervously we waited...Low voices spoke in a language we couldn't understand. I remember taking in the old couch, the weathered walls, looking around when ... with no preparation... down the hall walks one of the caregivers holding the hand of a small child. I can still picture his turquoise tights, Mickey Mouse shirt, mop of dark brown hair, and frightened expression. Oh my gosh, it was him!!!! The little boy from the picture. What a surreal moment.

Instinctively, I quickly dropped to my knees to be at eye level and offered him a warm (but nervous) smile. I held out one hand to him. I heard the caregiver introduce me. I knew enough Russian to recognize, "This is your mother." Jim and I looked at her, quite shocked. What if?... But she had told him I was his mother... Then she introduced Jim as "his papa." Jim and I exchanged a nervous glance.

So many feelings and emotions........It didn't seem quite real.

But it was. Thank you, Jesus, that it was.

A year son, my son! Oh how I love my son! I call him my baby boy and he just beams. Whenever I leave, upon return he will say, "Mama, I missed you!"

This scared, malnourished, parasite-filled frightened little boy that would neither laugh or cry, now giggles with joy as his daddy tickles him. He cries when he falls, knowing that he has someone to comfort him. He calls to each sibling for a hug before he goes to bed.

It has been a fabulous year! A year that has drawn Jim and I together as a couple. A year that has drawn us to our knees before The Lord. A year in which we have had the privilege of seeing someone blossom right before our eyes.

It hasn't been easy. Christian David is stubborn, curious beyound belief, defiant, and messy. He is two!!! He is also teachable, kind, affectionate, bright and helpful. Just an all around wonderful Snyder kiddo.

We are oh so thankful to have been chosen as his family. We look forward expectantly to see how God manifest Himself in Christian David's life.

We appreciate your prayers!

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